Hello there,

how are you today? You’re good, that’s good, mind you the proper grammar is “well” but that’s besides the point.

Anyways, welcome to my blog containing my opinions, hopes, dreams, fears, fantasies, and finally, homework. If you haven’t met me yet and are wondering about me, then quickly click on the about me page to learn more, if you’ve been here before and know a bit about me, click on the “my blog” link to check out my most recent post, and if this is absolutely your first time being here and are just curious as to what this is all about then allow me to give you a breakdown.

Now, if this blog hasn’t been updated yet, then you will see that there should be a background of a couple of buildings and a Ryerson banner, which is what the university I attend is called. The CURRENT intent and purpose of this blog is to get in touch with the fast paced environment called digital media, but as time passes and I leave and pass the class (hopefully) I hope that it will serve as an outlet to help me establish myself into the crazy and confusing world of the IN-TER-NET…

So, check out my posts and be enthralled by my amazing opinions about stuff and feel free to comment and give your own opinions about stuff, especially if they’re conflicting cause I just love a good debate.



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