I’m not going to lie, I’m not completely sure why I added the periods. I think it’s just cause it looks nice and unique. That’s my design right there. Okay, now going back to my topic, I’m here to talk about colour. Now, if were to talk about colour in a sciency way, colour is […]

Who Am I On The Net?

So, we were discussing our “online identity” or our digital footprint. By that I pretty much mean, what traces have I left behind online that distinguishes who I am and how people view me. Now, you can bring up a bunch of labels that are supposed to help us identify ourselves in the vast medium […]

No, seriously, what is Digital Media?

That’s a question I couldn’t help asking myself when I first saw the list of courses I was enrolled in at my university. Moreover, what does it mean to study digital media? Well, apparently, it means making this blog and making a twitter account. Hey, as far as university courses go that’s simple enough to […]

Hello world!

This is just me being geeky, but i wonder how many people know and the understand the value and meaning of the words, Hello World! Pretty much every single student who learns the tiniest bit of coding understand that these two words are the very first words ever to cross the internet. It is the […]