Story Time!

So, today we reflect on stories.

Now, stories are important because they are incorporated in every single media in the world. In fact, the whole point of media is to tell a story, convey a message or convince you to tell your own. It’s about giving and taking.

So, I’ll tell you about some stories I heard in the past few days.

Well, I take a public transit to school, and it’s a huge pain, especially on a day like today when I forgot to charge my phone, and ergo had no music to listen to. Soo, being without music, I couldn’t help but overhear what the couple behind me were talking about. Now, I’ve heard this couple before, and by couple I don’t necessarily mean they’re together, but it’s a guy and girl companion who always seem to sit behind me.

This is not a good story. They were both foreign, I knew that much from previous conversations they had, but today they just has the most irritating conversation ever! They were talking about earthquakes and then got on the topic of Haiti. While they were talking about Haiti, they proceeded to talk about how the earthquakes that occured there were actually their fault, cause they “raise devils” there. There are so many things I could say about this. One, I would like to say that I’m so disappointed in them. I’m a Canadian citizen now, but a few years ago I was a landed immigrant, I wasn’t born here and I never will be no matter how hard I try. I’ve personally fought against stereotypes against immigrants cause I didn’t want them on me, but now I can start to see where they come from.

Now. in my high school we sponsored a Haitian school who we sent bricks, food and clothes to so they could rebuild their school, and some of them had the chance to come over, and I had the chance to talk to some of them. Obviously there was no denying in the first place that they are not devils, but to say such a thing about Mahid, who was the sweetest guy I’d ever met, who was so excited about everything and who was ten times smarter than half the people in my grade despite having less opportunities, that annoyed me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get the chance to say anything to them because they left on the next stop. And now, as much as I would love to mind my own business cause I normally do, next time they say such horrendous thoughts, I’ll give them some advice on keeping it to themselves.


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