Just a few extra things…

I really wanted to show you guys some of my old works, but wordpress doesn’t really allow me to upload videos directly unless I purchase an update. That means that the only way I can show you guys my videos is to go from youtube or a third party video player and hyperlink it.

I really didn’t want to do that cause uploading on places like youtube actually takes more time that I wanted to spend. But, it just so happens, that there is one video that I have on the web from before, so I decided to show you guys that. I’ll see if I can upload more to vimeo and link to you guys later. But for now, check out this shoddy, horrible piece of c%^p! It was one of my first animations, and the idea was essentially inspired by a video that someone did for a coldplay contest for the song lost. You should check that out, then you’ll see what I was trying to do with the characters. Frankly, I’m kinda scared to put this up, as some would call it plagiaristic, but since it’s not up for grades or anything, I would probably just call it a horrible spoof of a great video.

This is just an UPDATE!

I told you guys before I would add more videos and here are some. Note that I don’t own any music. The videos themselves have their own disclaimer.


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